Sunday, 18 November 2012

Types of carpets

 In the previes blog we talk about carpets on walls now we talk about the type of carpets.The carpets are common ground for rooms sitting and sleeping ... It is commonly an atmosphere of comfort and elegance required.... It also reduce the noise
Today vary.. Forms and colors and carvings carpet to comply with your taste and your furniture

Types of carpets

Iranian carpet (Ajami) famous and expensive
Ajami knows carpeted and are woven wool, silk and cotton are some types are considered among the most expensive carpet in the world with a number of his contract to one million square foot node for some species
Turkish carpets
Is one of the most luxurious and types global carpet woven from silk and feed the strings Gold .They dominated Islamic decorative patterns character as added by some letter Ottoman writings
Chinese carpets
Patterns quiet and classics such as roses and flowers and is characterized by the richness and variety of colors, but it loses its elegance and its value with time. And high-quality wool is used on the face of the carpet
Caucasian carpet
Caucasian carpets uses geometric symbols such as stars and squares or flowers and animals a variety of colors between pink, blue and green, yellow and orange. And is made mostly of wool

 Caucasian carpet

 Chinese carpets

Caucasian carpet

 Caucasian carpet

 Caucasian carpet

Saturday, 17 November 2012

Oriental Carpets On The Wall

Oriental carpets hanging on the wall of stuff with good taste, and which characterize beautiful homes in taste from other homes.
Oriental carpets of the things that give luxurious and classic for a house, and given special nature of  beauty , this features durability carpets can also be give a beautiful oriental atmosphere in your home.

Can put these carpets in the living rooms or  at the entrance of the house.

Oriental carpets

Oriental carpets

Oriental carpets

Oriental carpets

Oriental carpets

Oriental carpets

Friday, 16 November 2012

Ideas Of Candles

Romance of the things that adds a romantic atmosphere and a warm atmosphere in the home are candles, which one of us did not use candles at least once in his life
For everything multiple forms as well as candles have a lot of forms
There are some forms for birthdays it features fun shapes, shapes of numbers, shapes like animation like this:

There are some romantic shapes form can be used to give a romantic atmosphere to relax or even decorations.

Candles also have a strange and beautiful forms is only possible to use as paces of accessory or decor in our house, like antique .

Thursday, 15 November 2012

Unusual Kitchens

Kitchen very important thing in the house, it's the things that used by most members of the family and the place that you are using housewife in most of the time, so it must be practical and being met most of the needs of members of the family.
There are some really unusual kitchens, whether in design or color such kitchens:

Modern Kitchen design by Toronto Photographer Andrew Snow Photography

Traditional Kitchen design by Orlando Photographer RSB Digital Photography

Modern Kitchen design by Miami Kitchen And Bath Fixtures The Kitchenworks

Eclectic Kitchen design by Denver Interior Designer Momoko Morton

Some of them came as solutions for unexploited areas or tight spaces like this:

Modern Kitchen design by Seattle Architect FINNE Architects

Eclectic Kitchen design by Birmingham Interior Designer Tracery Interiors

Eclectic Kitchen design by New York Photographer Vanni Archive

Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Amazing Dishes

Of the things that we use every day and we can not do without is the dishes, yes dishes that we use to eat is one of the simple things in our house, but must be selected according to their uses 
and good looks .To give an atmosphere beautiful on our table and also in our kitchen

Great Ideas To decorate Your Bathroom

Not any design to your bathroom main fit to be any one of us - because their design should reflect personal lives

It matters to be taken into mind:
1-Select what you want to be contained by your bathroom - bathtub with shower, a separate shower, Jacuzzi, toilet, basin and other
2-Do you in your bathroom will allocate spaces for different uses such as washing corner               sauna or any other use     
3-Which is better bathroom which it's various parts are open to each other or design which the penalty is divided bathroom.
4-What do you prefer for flooring and walls of the bathroom ceramics, marble, or mixing them?
5-How will natural and mechanical ventilation?
6-How will natural or artificial lighting.
7-What are your favorite colors?

Monday, 12 November 2012

Ideas Of Pottery To Decorate Your Home

Home accessories of luxuries task splendor of your home decor and completeness of the elegance, a different forms and types of accessories by the amount of space and the angle at which placed where, when met Wall another at home composed acute angle in most traditional rooms, and feel that this place missing something to create a picture beauty and can be mitigate these angles using accessories and antiques that suits your taste

So experts advise placing sculptures or decoration antiques and large pottery rich Bnicochha and decorations that give angles Excellency, sturdier and more in length

It is noted experts to antiques and collectibles in place for the purpose of decoration and decorations always depend on the interaction with the environment around you, the choosing landscapes and colors reflect  your effect  nature around you, and gathered some of the elements of nature you have at home from fresh flower on pottery and other confer on the decoration dimension of beauty

On the other hand, some people may be tend to choose new things, so the character inspired by the beauty of the modern items everyday life, while others there have Preference to classic decor line with furniture and other decorative pieces